What it takes to run a thriving Ecommerce business online

by Dhiren Bhatia / July 27, 2020

In today’s episode, I am talking to Namita Ramani, the founder and CEO of Above Digital, a leading digital marketing agency that helps small businesses reach their goals and generate qualified leads through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and social media marketing. An avid reader and learner who consumes almost 5-6 hours of content every day, Namita is also the host of the Successful Marketing for Small Businesses in Dubai podcast, a platform where she indulges in inspired conversations with prominent business owners and inspiring personalities.

Previously known as Salony Creations, Above Digital was established in 2004 even though  Ramani realised her passion for the digital world when she moved to Dubai in 2000 and began studying web programming courses. Prior to this, she owned a fashion boutique. Above Digital has so far helped over 300 companies reach their target audience and convert leads into customers.

She has conducted multiple self-hosted workshops since 2010, in addition to corporate training for brands like Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Arabian Radio Network, Dubai Golf and more. 

During her free time, Namita mentors young and aspiring business owners.

Connect with Namita

Episode Highlights

05:04 – How Namita started out remote working as a web agency since she wasn’t allowed to have a job
08:38 – How Above Digital got to where it currently is
13:23 – Namita’s first public speaking experience
22:48 – The easiest way to identify a niche
28:28 – What digital marketing looks like for inventory based businesses and how it can improve such businesses.
32:16 – The client journey that every potential customer goes through
33:50 – What to keep in mind when getting started on digital marketing and the different types of campaigns
36:00 – What to ask a digital agency before signing up with them
40:19 – Emerging trends due to the pandemic
44:35 – Challenges faced by digital marketing agencies (especially the growing ones)
46:00 – The secret to success

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