Bonus Episode: The entrepreneur's Secret Marketing Weapon

by Dhiren Bhatia / July 10, 2020

Welcome to a very special and bonus episode of the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast. In the previous episode, which is Episode number 8, I’m talking to Surbhi from Digital Genie and we are talking about ideal customers, personas, and how they’re so important to any business. 

While we were recording that episode, Surbhi and I got to talking about her experience as a marketer, working for Ron Kaufman, the author of the Uplifting Service Series. I highly recommend these books if you haven’t had the chance to check them out as they’re amazing in learning how to better your service, especially if you run a business. As I was talking to Surbhi, I was awestruck at how large businesses and authors like Ron Kaufman, manage their marketing, their customer personas, and profiles, and it was just amazing to listen to the size and scale at how they manage those. Which is why I wanted to share this special behind-the-scenes episode. 

The main episode can be found at and if you haven’t already listened to that episode, I invite you to take a listen because that episode too has some amazing content for you. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this special sneak peek and I’ll see you in the next one.  

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Surbhi’s Guide on how to Hack Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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