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by Dhiren Bhatia / April 04, 2020

In this episode, I will introduce the show and talk about what inspired me to start it. My name is Dhiren Bhatia, and I am the founder and managing director of Cloudscape Technologies FZCO, a Dubai-based technology consulting firm focused on the retail and hospitality industries. My professional and entrepreneurial journey has been quite fascinating on a number of levels. I got my first taste of business at the age of 13 working for my family’s first retail business in the UAE where I grew into different senior roles as the business grew. That is where I learned all about running an inventory based business and the challenges that come with it.

In the early 2000s, I decided to move to Toronto, Canada where I attended university, got my degree in IT systems, and started my career in IT. Later on in 2010, I decided to start the very first branch of my family business in Toronto, and it became the very first ever South Asian themed store in a North American mall, and also my family business’ first ever international location out of the UAE. Running the store taught me more about running a business like the importance of incorporating technology into a business’ operational processes. 

Those lessons, coupled with my passion for paying it forward and sharing my entrepreneurial knowledge, formed the foundation for the formation of Cloudscape and consequently, The Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast. And that's how I've come to believe that technology should make business easy, and not add extra headaches. Tune in to the next episodes to learn exactly how I help retailers, restaurateurs, wholesalers, and distributors, learn about modern technology systems, and how they can use them to grow their businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should consider subscribing to The Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast (00:16)

  • Helping inventory based businesses and business owners simplify their operations (00:55)

  • Dhiren’s love for podcasts and his overall backstory (01:38)

  • Creating the first ever international location of his family business and the first South Asian theme store in a North American mall (02:30)

  • Unchaining yourself from your business so you can elevate it to its real growth potential (03:22)

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